Reatil scale label printing CL_5000 Type H

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Reatil scale label printing CL_5000 Type H


  • High-speed thermal printer with easy loading printing cartridge
  • Free format label design
  • User defined Barcode Printing
  • Flexible & reliable network system
  • Up to 6,000 PLUs memory function
  • Up to 300 characters per ingredient
  • PC manager program (CL-Works)
  • RS-232C Interface
  • Dual Range
  • Trade Approved

- Memory capacity
  ㆍStandard : 3,000 PLUs & 1,000 ingredients
  ㆍOption : 10,000 PLUs & 2,000 ingredients
- Speed key
  ㆍStandard : 96 speed keys [48 keys X 2 (shift key)]
  ㆍOption : 144 speed keys [72 keys X 2 (shift key)]
- Graphic LCD : Commodity name
  ㆍScrolling message, Menu text
- Scrolling message : 9 message (Left & Right scroll)



Model CL5000
Capacity 3/6 kg 6/15 kg 15/30 kg
Interval 1/ 2 g 2/5 g 5/10 g
Max.Tare -2.999 kg -5.998 kg -9.995 kg
Overload Range Max. Capacity + 9d
A/D Conversion 8 Times/sec
Measurement Type Load Cell
Tray Size (mm) 382 (W) X 246 (D)
Printer 100 mm/sec
Printing Resolution 202 dpi
Label Size Width : 40 mm ~ 60 mm , Length : 30 mm ~ 120 mm
Fonts Big / Medium / Small size, Italic, Bold,
Under Line, Through Line,
Double through Line, Reverse, Shade, Outline
Power Source AC 100~240V , 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption Max. 90W
Operating Temperature -10 ℃ ~ +40℃
Product Weight B Type : 10.5 kg
P Type : 12.0 kg
R Type : 11.2 kg
H Type : 14.2 kg

Retail scale / Price scale / Computing scale / Commecial scale / Supper market scale / Wire or wireless network connected scale system

Retail & price; worth Computing Scales

Whether it's for facility pre-pack areas, fresh foods makers, farmers markets, wayside stands, convenience stores or supermarkets we've got a digital retail scale to fit your necessities. From basic "weigh only" to cost computing, networked management coverage scales, purpose of Sale (POS) & Electronic cashbox (ECR) systems. These scales provide practicality, sturdiness and user friendly operation.
When choosing retail scales, you'll have to be compelled to think about the kind of application that the dimensions are utilized in i.e. front counter or pre-packaging as not all retail scales ar appropriate for direct merchandising to the general public. alternative issues ought to be whether or not power is out there, if you would like to store worth & product info (PLU's), if you would like to use the dimensions to work out the worth, tax and totals, additionally if you need the dimensions to print labels or receipts.

Feel free to browse our merchandise on-line. If you have got any queries or need technical info please contact us. or click on the links provided to look at on-line brochures and specifications (using Adobe Reader).

Different Barcode Type and Weight Unit can be selected freely for each PLU in one scale.World Originated design based on the idea of POS management. Work with Pinnacle software solutions: PLU manager, Network manager, Label Editing tool to generate EAN 18 code for management of goods. The first Barcode Label Scale compatible with graphic design application, adjustable label size.Scales' date can be transferred via wireless network(optional).

More infomation, please see PDF file below

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Electronic scale CL-5000P/H , supply by Golden Lotus scales.

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